Benefits of Generic Drugs

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Many people have noticed that physicians could prescribe medicinal preparations with the same pharmaceutical actions, but their cost was significantly different. Such differences are due to the fact that some medications are originals and others are generics. What are generics? Do they have any benefits? Let's find it out!

What are generics?

Generics are medicines that have the same pharmaceutical actions as the originals, but they do not have a patent. Generics have the same structural components but their cost is much less. Before generics go on sale, manufacturers need to prove that they have a positive impact on human health, which is equivalent to the original. Many people who do not want to overpay for expensive medications want to know where to buy generics. This question is very relevant today. The low price of such drugs can be explained by the fact that manufacturers do not spend money on patents and advertising since their production is based on ready-made medicines.

So, generics have the same:

  1. composition;
  2. therapeutic effect;
  3. active substance.

The differences between brand name and generic medications

The main differences of generic drugs:

  • lack of original patent;
  • name;
  • production technology - the manufacturer of the original drug does not reveal all the secrets of the technology of production. Therefore, some deviations in
  • production technology are possible;
  • excipients that are part of the drug;
  • the form;
  • the size;
  • taste;
  • side effects due to the influence of excipients.
  • low price.

Main benefits of generic drugs

How to navigate the pharmaceutical products market? After all, our health depends on the right decision. We have listed the advantages of generic drugs:

  • Such meds are more accessible than the original;
  • Generics are cheaper and the difference in price can be significant;
  • Generics are just as effective - if you select the dosage correctly, there will be no significant difference in the effects of the medications.
  • Generics allow you to make your own decision and not choose what advertising imposes.

5 unexpected reasons to choose generics

In addition to the optimal price/quality ratio, there are some reasons why more and more men prefer these drugs.

  1. Sublingual dosage form. The presence of a sublingual dosage form is one of the key advantages of generics over the original meds., For example, generic Cialis and Viagra have soft versions. Such tablets are absorbed faster. Preparations with the postfix "soft" are "not afraid" of digestive enzymes and are more controlled (you can adjust the absorption rate) and are pharmacokinetically predictable.
  2. Combined generics. The presence of "mixes" in one pill is another reason to give preference to generics. This is their advantage over the original drugs. For example, there are no original pharmacological combinations of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. But Pharmacy Mall is selling combined generics for erectile dysfunction: sildenafil + dapoxetine, tadalafil + dapoxetine. Sildenafil provides a guaranteed full erection, and dapoxetine prolongs sexual intercourse, allowing you to get maximum pleasure from both you and your partner.
  3. Trial packs. Only Indian generic companies produce sets of pills for those men who buy PDE5 inhibitor drugs for the first time or cannot make the final choice. The composition of such kits includes 1-2 tablets of sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, dapoxetine, etc. If you intend to buy a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but do not want to spend money on the whole package, then a trial pack can solve your problem.
  4. Dosing variability. Original drugs are quite conservative in terms of the content of the active substance in them. For example, brand-name Cialis has only two dosages available: 2.5 mg and 5 mg. At the same time, Pharmacy Mall offers Indian Cialis 20 and 40 mg. And this is just one example. Such flexibility in dosing allows you to choose the best method of dosing and treatment regimen.
  5. Low risk of buying a fake. It may sound strange but if you buy Indian generic, you are less likely to get a fake. The fact is that the difference between the original and the generic in this case is so high that the fake of the latter loses all meaning. Faking expensive Viagra is worth the trouble, while attempts to make money on fake generics are doomed to failure.

Things to remember

So, can you use generics instead of original drugs? Yes, you can. But do not forget a few simple rules:

  1. You'd better consult a doctor or pharmacist, do not try to self-medicate;
  2. Before buying a medicine, read the instructions for use;
  3. Prefer well-known global drugstores, such as Pharmacy Mall.

We hope that this article will help you make a conscious and informed choice!